Middle America Reform Party

The middle America reform party offers a new paradigm in American politics.

Middle America:

Middle America is the foundation, vessel, protector, and defender of America.  Middle America is the fundamental source of all American liberty, freedom, and equality.  Middle America made America, defends America, and preserves liberties, freedoms, and equality.

There are no democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, red or blue. There is only middle America and two significant extreme fringes, the radical desperate poor and the radical wealthy elite.

Middle America’s two radical fringe are a curse and a blessing.  Cauldrons of wealthy elite and desperate poor spur imagination, creativity, initiative, and progress.  These same cauldrons produce tyranny, exploitation, liability, and burden.

Middle America must govern both desperate poor and wealthy elite extremes for simple survival and progress.  The extreme desperate poor will always require social programs, social security, medicare, unemployment compensation, and etc.  The extreme wealthy elite will always require taxation, regulation, and oversight. Tending two radical extremes is the fate of middle America.  The payoff is liberty, freedom, and equality for more Americans.

The extremes:

The core of the wealthy elite paradigm is extravagance, personality, and small or absent government.  The core of desperate poor paradigm is suffering, personality, and large all-serving government.  Either paradigm, in extreme, destroys and dismantles middle America.

Middle America must differentiate and define extremes, insulate itself from the associated destructive dangers, and govern.  America’s democracy and media must remain objective to wealthy elite and desperate poor paradigms.  The dangers of extreme influences include eight elephants:  war, immigration, ecology, recession, foreclosure, joblessness, tax, and debt.

Clear definition of wealthy, poor, and middle improves objectivity.  Here is a possibility:

Simple definition:

The Obama administration recently defined America’s upper tax bracket above $250,000 (note1) per year income.  This is the wealthy elite.  The federal government defines poverty at $22,050 (family of 4) (note2).  This is the desperate poor.   In 2006, the “real” (adjusted for inflation) median annual household income rose 1.3% to $50,233.00. (note3) This is middle America.  Herein is a simple definition of wealthy elite, desperate poor, and middle America.

The desperate poor: 

“The poverty rate in 2009 (14.3 percent) was the highest poverty rate since 1994…  The number of people in poverty in 2009 (43.6 million) is the largest number in the 51 years for which poverty estimates have been published…  Between 2008 and 2009, the poverty rate increased for children under the age of 18 (from 19.0 percent to 20.7 percent)


The wealthy elite:

“In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth and the top 1% owned 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation’s wealth.  According to this 2006 study by the Federal Reserve System, from 1989 to 2004, the distribution of wealth in the United States had been changing with indications there was a greater concentration of wealth held by the top 10% and top 1% of the population.”   footnote1

“In addition, wealth is unequally distributed with the wealthiest 25% of US households owning 87% ($54.2 trillion, in 2009) of the wealth in the United States.”   footnote2


Approximately 10% of America is “wealthy elite”.  Approximately 14% of America is “desperate poor”.  The remainder is middle America.


For over a century, as the American population grew, the federal government congressional and executive representation fell further behind the 1790 pace of one representative per 42,000 citizens and one president per 3.8 million.  Instead of adding more congressional members or presidents, the congress simply was paid more for the added 13 multiple citizen load, now at one congressperson per 573,831 citizens.


The current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. (note4)  This salary plus one and a half median income of the American population breaks $250,000 income.  Our congresspersons play at edge of wealthy elite and very many government representatives easily qualify as wealthy elite.

The president earns a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment (note5)  The president, with perks, makes over 10 times median American income and 22 times the poverty level family.  At median American pay, the federal government could hire 9 presidents for the pay of the existing one president. Presidential income is clearly wealthy elite income.


At $250,000, large portions of federal representatives are “radicalized” to the wealthy elite.  The president and congress are compensated using a corporate (wealthy elite) pay scale paradigm that concentrates power and boosts executive pay.

Under the red/blue, conservative/liberal, democrat/republican political paradigm there is no conflict of interest with middle America in today’s federal government.  Under the “middle America” paradigm, the entire government is a conflict of interest to middle America.

Does middle America really want wealthy elite radicals running it’s government?  It is time middle America face its fate, drop the old paradigms, and take charge of America.

It’s common sense. When service in a restaurant suffers, more waiters are needed. It’s common sense. When fire breaks out everywhere, more fire fighters are needed.  It’s common sense. When crime becomes rampant, more police are needed. It’s common sense. Building a house requires enough carpenters or waiting a lifetime for results. #c535+1 didn’t build Hoover dam.  #c535+1 didn’t build the interstate highway.  Middle America did. (millions of them)

It’s common sense. When democracy morphs to elected oligarchy and America lacks governance, send help to the few surviving democratic representatives.  More representatives are required.  More presidents are required.

Apportion: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apportion?s=t 
Apportionment: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apportionment?s=t  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apportionment_%28politics%29
Apportion history of failure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_the_first
Apportion Math: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/11/mart-apportionment-math.html
Keep the #c535+1.  Send 6800 more.   #c535+1 is elected autocrat-centered oligarchy.  #c7329 is citizen-centered democracy. The MART citizen-chamber does the right thing.  The MART autocrat-chamber gets it done. Third millennium citizen-democracy is unstoppable.  Resistance or delay is truly tragic. 

Got science?   NASA simulates Mars.  The MART #c7329 team simulates democracy.  Born red/blue?  Don’t die red/blue. http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

Your congress is so bad: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/09/yourcongressissobad.html  
Article the First failed apportionment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_the_first
Iron Law of Oligarchy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_law_of_oligarchy
MART defined: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL
Full Disclosure: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-o
Plan B: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-g
Communication: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-eC 
Transparent Budget Writing and Presentation: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/02/transparent-budget-writing-and.html
Capitalism: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dX
Abolish the fed. http://jrclifford.com/Jekyll.html
Start: #c7329 wp.me/s1fQnO-start @_marp @coach1640280
Twitter: @_MARP   http://twitter.com/#!/_MARP @coach1640280  https://twitter.com/coach1640280
Audience: #c7329 #ows #occupy @OccupyTogether 

Citizen is coach to team democracy.   Coach is responsible for success.   It’s your call, coach.  #c7329  democracy shares power.   #c535+1 democracy hoards power.    It’s your call, coach.

Wanted:  7329 dedicated patriotic volunteers to secure America’s future & prosperity by forming a  #c7329 MART citizen-centered democracy team. http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

Wanted:  Presidential candidates (for one of 9 elected MART executive branch presidents) 2016 http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

May the #c7329 force be with you.


http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/10poverty.shtml  (1)

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2010/08/11/GR2010081106717.html (2)

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_United_States (5)

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#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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2 Responses to Middle America Reform Party

  1. BlueTrooth says:

    This is the point where the light bulb just turned brighter. I honestly like the idea of rewarding our President with an “elite” salary. The current salary meets my criteria, however it is a pittance in comparison to a Hedge Fund Manager that is good at screwing the markets or even an “average” broker. If I’m sitting in a CEOs chair and I’m making a President’s salary in three months, I don’t have much to fear or respect from the President on a purely one-to-one level. Especially if I’m running a Multinational. Hell, I may have more influence than the President in that position. But this has only become a widespread reality after the tax code was slaughtered by Reagan (following Kennedy’s lead). I’m not so sure that an increase in representation within Government (and a lower salary per representative) would solve this issue. High tax rates on the “elite” are essential to proper governance. It’s a “regulator” that insures reinvestment in labor and equipment, rather than personal accounts and summer cottages. I’m not sure that increasing the “membership” in government or lowering salaries would have ANY effect without first undoing the damage of (ultimately) the Reagan tax cuts.

    • coach1640280 says:

      Autocrats are daunting, especially the super wealthy elite.
      Speak common sense to power.
      The intelligentsia is daunting, especially the well educated and promoted.
      Speak common sense to genius.

      Blue tooth demonstrates an ability to speak to anyone, no matter how rich/powerful or how genius.

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