All Roads Lead to Constitutional Reform

  • A government besieged by eight elephants: war, immigration, ecology, recession, foreclosure, joblessness, tax, and debt.
  • The longest modern relentless continued history of war on the planet.
  • The highest public incarceration rate on the planet.  (note)
  • De-citizenized constitutional representation below 5% the proportional level of 1790 congress.
  • A constitution, 68% in amendment and requiring constitutional scholar interpretation.
  • Incessant and increasing poor decision, inaction, stalemate, and incompetence in government.

The government of the United States is a shadow if its former 1790 self.  Improvement will not occur until the US constitution undergoes significant and profound revision, third millennium verse to a 1790 song.

Every government on the planet faces these issues, agendas, and challenges.  They are not unique to America.  They are unique to the millennium.  America must adjust.

America can no longer deny decades leading to eight elephants.  It’s time to re-citizenize America’s democracy.  This requires systemic and constitutional change.  There is no super hero.  It’s not about personality.  There is no silver bullet.  Middle America must govern.  When this happens, the outlook is positive.

Bad service requires more waiters. Fires everywhere requires more fighters. Crime everywhere requires more police. Elected oligarchy requires more congresspersons. Elected monarchy requires more presidents. America lacks governance? Keep the congress and add 11k more. Keep the president and add 8 more. Democracy disperses power. Autocracy consolidates power. Step it up, America.  Be proactive. Check out plan-b.

Citizen is coach to team democracy.  Coach is responsible for success.  Be proactive. Check out plan-b. It’s your call, coach.

Seeking presidential candidate (for one of 9 elected executive branch presidents) 2016

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#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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