Lopsided Government

In 1776 America consisted of 2.4 million protestant farmers.  Today, at 305 million, America has the most heterogeneous population on the planet.  America’s population sorts into dozens of national, ethnic, economic, political, social, and religious groups.  Today’s America is not 1776 America.

The primary economic institution in America is the corporation, not the farm.  Small and large corporations form the infrastructure of America’s economy.  Large corporations employ hundreds of thousands of employees.  Walmart, alone, employs over 2 million.  (almost the population of the entire original 13 colonies)

With about 2.0 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service, has fewer employees than Walmart.

Fed employment numbers:


Total: 2,000,000

Executive branch (1,664,000)

Legislative branch (30,000)

Judicial branch (33,000)

Independent agencies  (180,000)

Covert agencies (classified)

What’s wrong with this picture?  The executive branch is 5 times larger than the legislative and 5 times larger than the judicial branches.  The three constitutional branches were designed to balance each other.  How do judicial and legislative branches balance an executive 5 times larger?

Clearly, the center of US governance is the executive elected (monarchy) branch. The US executive has one elected member, the president.  How democratic is this?  Monarchy leadership fails, elected or not, because monarchies invariably promote the monarch beyond competence.

Eight elephants, not congress or the executive, rule America:  war, immigration, ecology, recession, foreclosure, joblessness, tax, and debt.

12000 congresspersons and a nine president executive is not extreme.  It is the sanity and consensus required to confront eight elephants and 2nd millennium challenges.  The foundation of democracy is consensus.  Consensus is the mission and product of 12000 congresspersons.  Consensus is the foundation of progress, governance, and the horizon of the future.

Bad service requires more waiters. Fires everywhere requires more fighters. Crime requires more police. Elected oligarchy requires more congresspersons. Elected monarchy requires more presidents. America lacks governance? Keep the congress and add 11k more. Keep the president and add 8 more. Democracy disperses power. Autocracy consolidates power. Step it up, America.  Be proactive. Check out plan-b.

Citizen is coach to team democracy.  Coach is responsible for success.  It’s your call, coach.



Seeking presidential candidate (for one of 9 elected executive branch presidents) 2016


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#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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