Songs of Middle America

Middle America has it’s own paradigm, its own song, separate from the radical wealthy elite and separate from the radical desperate poor.

To the desperate poor:

Oh the sisters of mercy,
they are not departed or gone.
They were waiting for me
when I thought that I just can’t go on.

And you won’t make me jealous
if I hear that they sweetened your night:
We weren’t lovers like that
and besides it would still be all right,

Leonard Cohen  1967

To the wealthy elite:

Tell me that you want those kind of things
that money just can’t buy
For I don’t care too much for money
For money can’t buy me love

Paul McCartney 1964

To middle America:

“Hard work pays off”

“Truth defies ownership and guides indiscriminately”

“Common sense, once found, brings change”

“Speak common sense to genius”

“Speak common sense to power”

“Information is the currency of democracy”.  Ralph Nader

“Democracy disperses power. Autocracy consolidates power. It’s your call, coach.”

“Democracy, equality, and freedom”

“Teamwork makes progress”

“Common sense is God’s greatest gift”

Middle America  2011

When service in a restaurant suffers, more waiters are needed. When fire breaks out everywhere, more fire fighters are needed.  When crime becomes rampant, more police are needed. When democracy morphs to elected oligarchy and America lacks governance, send help to the few surviving democratic representatives.  More representatives are needed.  More presidents are needed.  The antidote to corruption of power is dispersement of power.  Step it up, America.  Be proactive. Check out plan-b.

Citizen is coach to team democracy.  Coach is responsible for success.  It’s your call, coach.

Seeking presidential candidate (for one of 9 elected executive branch presidents) 2016


About coach2640220

#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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