Economic Freedom

Democracy is the global bastion of political freedom.  Its legacies include such great achievements as abolition and woman’s suffrage.  Democracy continues to defeat and expel all manner of political tyranny and despotism around the world, from the Kaiser of World War I, 1918, to Hussein of Iraq, 2004.

Democracy can also be the global bastion of economic freedom.  Economic freedom is not when one political party controls/owns a nation’s resources, i.e. China communism.   Economic freedom is not when 10% of a population controls/owns 90% of the resources, unbridled capitalism.  Economic freedom does not exist where bogas control/ownership takes the form of large debt or mortgage, car payments, installment payments, credit card payments, and dwindling income.

Economic freedom exists when a broad band of the population, ie. middle America, controls/owns 90% of the nation’s resources.  Economic freedom exists through thriving middle America institutions, public education, unionism, public healthcare, and religious organization.  Economic freedom exists when middle America controls and owns 80-90% of the resources.

For economic freedom to exist, a democracy must support and nourish institutions, through a tax system, that favors control/ownership of a broad band of the population.  A simple overriding rule for taxation, leading to economic freedom, is “You own it.  You pay the taxes.” Those that own nothing, pay no taxes. No one “owns” labor, so labor is not taxed. No matter how many or few that number of people, those that control/own the resources of America, pay the taxes of America.

For decades, middle America shrinks and its institutions are under attack by an economic, intellectual, and political elite.  During this time, this elite has managed to rifle control of over 70% of America’s resources.  As a result, today, 70% of America is owned and controlled by 10% of Americans, a new political and economic elite, a new ownership class, a wealthy elite.

The tax burden for America, however, during this period, remains in the hands of  shrinking middle America.  The rich get richer and pay little taxes.  The poor get poorer and pay no taxes.  Middle America carries the burden, pays the taxes, and continues to shrink.

The single best remedy for this situation is a tax system where “You own it.  You pay the taxes.” Those that own, pay the taxes.  If a banking institution owns your house, on paper, and can foreclose, that institution can pay the taxes too. Today, “those that own” are no longer middle America.  Therefore, middle America should pay little or no taxes, shouldering less tax burden.  The new political and economic elite, the wealthy elite, “those that own”, shoulder  the tax burden in proportion to their ownership and control of America’s resources.

If America’s destiny is unbridled capitalism where 10% of its population control/owns 90% of its resources, then that elite 10% can pay 90% of the taxes.  When Middle America owns 90% of America, then middle America will again pay 90% of the taxes.  America’s wealthy elite need to stop whining, pay up, or give it up.

Bad service requires more waiters. Fires everywhere requires more fighters. Crime requires more police. Elected oligarchy requires more congresspersons. Elected monarchy requires more presidents. America lacks governance? Keep the congress and add 11k more. Keep the president and add 8 more. Democracy disperses power. Autocracy consolidates power. Step it up, America.  Be proactive. Check out plan-b.

Citizen is coach to team democracy.  Coach is responsible for success.  It’s your call, coach.

Seeking presidential candidate (for one of 9 elected executive branch presidents) 2016

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#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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