Critical Mass

1 Democracy requires a certain critical democratic mass of citizen participation to succeed. #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy

2 Critical mass 1790, one congressperson per 26,666 citizens. No critical mass, 2011, one congressperson per 575,000.

3 Without critical mass, government priorities are violated, corruption, misguidance, & stupidity prevails. #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy

4 MARP re-citizenizes democracy to soundly guarantee 1790 critical democratic mass citizen participation. #HelpDemocracy #PrayForDemocracy

5 MiddleAmericaReformParty is common sense consensus democracy. MARP follows back. Reboot:

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About coach2640220

#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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