#USBill999 does two things.

1.Forgives 10% principal on any/all loans (mortgage,car,credit card,personal,installment…etc) that originated using federal reserve dollars loaned wholesale to a retail banking establishment. This includes 10% forgiveness of principal still owed by the retail bank to the federal reserve as result of the original transaction. The federal reserve takes 100% burden of all debt forgiveness under this bill.
2.Pays off 10% of the national debt, approximately $1.4 trillion dollars, using interest free fiat dollars.
What does #USBill999 accomplish?
Debt forgiveness provides a stunning and dynamic stimulus to middle Americans carrying most of the debt burden. It provides extra spending money to stimulate the economy and brightens the future of all borrowers. It costs nothing to anyone, lender or borrower, as the entire forgiveness is burdened by the federal reserve system. Debt forgiveness relieves and stabilizes the housing crisis and speeds up its recovery. Debt forgiveness is a Christian virtue in keeping with US religious history.
Debt forgiveness instantly takes out of circulation dollars that have driven up consumer prices. Sufficient debt forgiveness will have the effect of stabilizing the current exponentially skyrocketing consumer price index.
A 10% pay down of the national debt, using fiat interest free dollars, will reduce interest on the national debt. It will quicken national debt payoff and lighten need for heavier taxation.
The fiat dollars spent on the national debt will diminish the value of heavy corporate money holdings and stimulate hasty reinvestment to avoid further holdings devaluation.
Why is #USBill999 necessary?
A train wreck is down the track for the American economy and the US is heading unavoidably towards it unless a course change is implemented very soon.
The train wreck is 50 years in the making and is described by two simple graphs. It’s not complicated.The first graph is a graph of US median income over the last 50 years. The graph is very flat, but increases slightly. This is not a problem except for the second graph. If wages keep up with the cost of living, there is no crisis. This, however, is not the case.
Medium income
The second significant graph is that of the US consumer price index, CPI, over the last 50 years. It is the graph of exponential price increase, skyrocketing straight up with no end or stabilization in sight. When prices get high enough, without wage increases to compensate, depression and economic crisis inevitably result. Prices increase until middle America can no longer afford serious necessities of living, depression.
CPI to 2006
What caused this trend and crisis?
It is unclear why median income is not keeping up with CPI (consumer price index) prices. Historically, median income does not change drastically, but moves slowly. As long as it is increasing, at least, nothing seems wrong.
The serious dysfunction is the second graph, the CPI. An exponential increase trend is unexplainable in normal business trend terms. Why should CPI start increasing exponentially, out of the blue, after 50 years of linear slow price increases mirroring median income?
The simplest and most plausible explanation is some form of currency supply dysfunction. CPI is highly related to currency supply. If currency supply increases, prices increase (CPI increases). If currency supply increases dramatically, prices increase dramatically. This is simple supply/demand reasoning.
What happened about the time of JFK’s assassination? Why would CPI suddenly change from a slow linear increase to a dramatic exponential increase? What happened to the currency supply that might cause this?
There are two ways the currency supply might radically increase. One is a drastic up-turn in financial loan transactions. Federal reserve loans increase currency supply as federal loan financing uses debt-loaded credit (currency). A dramatic up-turn in federal lending could cause a dramatic rise in currency supply causing increased CPI.
The second way currency supply might radically increase is runaway federal reserve rip-off embezzlement. A trillion dollars a year, embezzled over a 50 year period, would surely cause radical and unexplained increases in CPI. Considering the federal reserve has never been audited, this possibility at least calls for a simple audit investigation.
Debt created from thin air can be forgiven from thin air. Austerity and sequestration are a pound of flesh.
It is certain, if we are unable to account-for and change the present economic trends (median income and CPI), we head for a radical price/economic adjustment, that is depression.
 Money is debt.  Debt must, eventually be forgiven.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvI32cd09EY  

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