‘VAGINA’ A Cultural History, by Naomi Wolf

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Naomi Wolf book review:

OMG! Naomi Wolf explains it so even I get it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just tell me it’s not too late.

Naomi Wolf’s book “VAGINA” is not a revolution. It is a summoning.

“VAGINA” is political–sociology at its finest and a cultural history of the vagina.

This book is more than ground breaking. It is earth shattering.

It’s time America approach its sexuality from a realistic point of view. Our society and democracy reflect sexual outlooks, attitudes, feelings, and ignorance.

Why is red/blue/535 congress dominated by men? Could it have something to do with male-vagina orientation?

Why are bureaucracies a pyramid?
Why not an upside-down pyramid?

Fundamental paradigms of “VAGINA” explain the nature, structure, attitude, failings, and future of our democracy.

This book deserves 10 stars.



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