The Case for 10 Chakras

For readers short of time, to the chase.

There are 10 chakras, as the human body and lifecycle is based on structured H2O body hydration.

The H2O molecule has atomic mass of 10, hence 10 chakras, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and 10 based arithmetic.

Each chakra takes on the water molecule basic shape and structure.

This is a V shape with a large oxygen atom at the base of the V and two smaller hydrogen atoms at the top of the V shape. This is a “mickey mouse” symbol with three circles for the three atoms of water, a large oxygen circle with two small hydrogen circle protrusions on the top.

The water molecule is symmetric with a central meridian/base between two hydrogen atoms (a left and a right side). Each chakra has a base and a left and right side.

From bottom to top the chakras are:

1. Anus/pelvis chakra
Base: Anus/pelvis
Left: Left leg foot and toes
Right: Right leg/foot and toes

2. Reproductive sacred chakra
Base: Vagina/Prostate
Right: Overy/Testicle
Left: Overy/Testical

3. Reproductive inspirational chakra
Base: Penis/Clitoris
Left: Kidney
Right: Kidney

4. Stomach chakra
Base: Belly button
Left: Large intestine
Right: Small intestine

5. Solar plexus chakra
Base: Solar plexus
Left: Spleen
Right: Liver

6. Heart chakra
Base: Heart/lungs
Left: Lung/Arm/Hand/fingers
Right: Lung/Arm/Hand/fingers

7. Neck chakra
Base: Atom’s apple
Left: Lower left jaw
Right: Lower right jaw

8. Mouth chakra
Base: Tongue
Left: Ear
Right: Ear

9. Nose chakra
Base: Nose
Left: Eye
Right: Eye

10. Brain chakra
Base: Third eye center of temple
Left: Brain hemisphere
Right: Brain hemisphere

Notice a top and bottom hemisphere between the bottom 5 and top 5 chakras.

Notice: Symmetry between the two “bottom” chakras, that is the bottom of the bottom 5 chakra1 and the bottom of the top five chakra6
1. Anus/pelvis chakra1, bottom of the first 5 chakras, has highly developed “protrusions” pelvis,legs/feet/toes
2 Heart chakra6, bottom of the second 5 chakras, has highly developed “protrusions” lungs/arms/hands/fingers

Notice: Chakra 5, the brain of the stomach, is top bottom symmetric with chakra10, the brain of the top five chakras.

Notice: We live in a duality universe: Good/bad, top/bottom, left/right, light/darkness.
Is this because humans are a structured water-based organism reflecting the duality and symmetry of two hydrogen atoms clinging to an oxygen central atom in the water molecule?

Notice: All this symmetry between chakras and the water molecule is unlikely coincidental.

Notice: Live longer. Drink more and better water.

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