A Theory of Human Lifespan

In “The Case for 10 Chakras” at http://wp.me/p1fQnO-RF , it is argued that the human body reflects it’s basic component, H2O.

It is now proposed that the human lifespan is determined by the percentage of pure H2O molecules in the body over time.

The following are facts for reflection:

  1. A newborn baby total body mass is over 95% pure water, that is pure H2O molecules.
  2. The human brain is maintained at over 95% pure H2O over the lifespan of brain function.
  3. The human body consistently loses pure H2O body mass from the day of birth to the day of death.
  4.  A young child’s pure water body mass drops to the 80%-90% range as age increases.
  5. A mature adult pure water body mass generally starts to slip into the high 70% range.
  6. A more mature and aging adult pure water body mass slips into the high 60% range.
  7. No human body can maintain life when the pure water body mass slips into the low 50% range.


  1. Pure water body mass in humans drops irreversibly with aging in the life cycle.
  2. A theory that ties body pure H2O hydration levels to the aging process is logical.

Venturing into “hardly explored” territory, let’s prepare a theory of aging based on these observations. Lets assume aging is irreversible dehydration and dehydration is irreversible aging. How would a situation like this look and logically behave?

First, water in the body, over time, presumably changes from a pure water H2O molecule to “something else”, not pure water, that is, any molecule, not purely H2O. We know, plenty of molecules exist in the body that are not pure H2O molecules.

Logically, it is useful to divide all molecules in the body into two groups, pure H2O molecules, and every other possible molecule configuration. The question becomes not how does the body lose water, but how does the body lose its percentage of pure H2O molecules. During the life cycle, pure H2O molecules are somehow polluted and replaced by other molecules. These other molecules increase, in number, in the body, lowering the body’s overall pure water molecule ratio. Over time, the ratio of non-H2O molecules increases, presumably leading to aging and eventual death.

Let’s explore the most likely suspect that might replace or transforms pure H2O in the body, into non-H2O molecules. That most likely suspect is the carbon atom. Most carbon in the body exists in the form of carbon dioxide, CO2.

The body expels and rejects CO2 from the first exhale of birth to the last exhale of death. CO2 is a low level toxin. The body continuously takes great pain and effort to expel CO2, through the lifespan. What if the human body, simply fails to keep up with the pollution of carbon atoms, over time, and the result is a lowering percentage of pure H2O. This describes some form of body carbonation. This makes the carbon atom and CO2 the chief suspect. Why?

The chemistry is simple. There is one atom of oxygen in H2O. There are two atoms of oxygen in CO2. A carbon atom mixed into a H2O solution can easily pick up two oxygen atoms from the H2O solution and form CO2. In the process, two molecules of pure water are destroyed to create one molecule of CO2.

This H2O destructive process, in some form, alone, could account for the destruction and replacement of enough pure water molecules in the body, over time, to create the aging cycle. We know for a fact that CO2 is toxic and that CO2 is an oxygen consumptive, water destructive, molecular formula.

Lets look at some circumstantial evidence regarding the carbon atom.

  1. Carbon atoms are consumed in foods and drink, in the form of carbohydrates, sugars, and carbonized water, in massive doses.
  2. Continued massive consumption of carbohydrates in the diet are clearly linked to shortened life expectancy.
  3. Massive doses of the carbon atom, in the body, logically increase the likelihood that a single carbon atoms acts to destroy two H2O molecules to form one CO2 molecule.
  4. CO2 is clearly the bodies enemy from birth to death.
  5. There is no clear chemical logic in the body allowing for transformation of CO2 molecules, exposed to hydrogen, reforming again, and creating new pure H2O molecules.

What about some chemistry using H2O2, the hydrogen peroxide molecule? This is simply pure water with an extra oxygen atom attached. Pure water and more oxygen atoms could assist in expelling free carbon atoms by providing oxygen to form CO2. The body is good at expelling CO2 and its bound up carbon atom.

Conclusions for the practical among us:
1. Drink more water.
2. Cut down on the carbs.
3. Exhale more vigorously.


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