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Do-It-Yourself Democracy

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) democracy uses nine member teams. Democracy is teaming up and is not rocket science. All team decisions are made by majority vote of team participants. Vote vote vote on everything. That is democracy. Minimum team size is three … Continue reading

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NASA simulates Mars. MART (Middle America Reform Teams) simulate democracy.

Bring back democracy. What America has not seen in over 150 years, what the current generation can’t imagine, is a government that finds consensus.  This is because consensus is impossible without a true functioning democracy. The heart of … Continue reading

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Twice as Good

If you are a woman (majority), Black,  Hispanic, or minority in this country, and seek recognition for your high achievement, it is necessary to be twice as good as your competition.  This is simple truth of our times. Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Leadership Lost

World economic leadership is measured by economic growth and jobs. The world leader is China: Jobs, jobs, jobs. China exports no jobs. China is the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with average growth rates of 10% for the past 30 years. … Continue reading

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Up to the task?

Is Washington DC elected empire, up to the task? To summarize current American political challenges: Middle America has two fronts of domestic conflict to manage, the radical wealthy elite and the radical desperate poor in North America. Middle America faces … Continue reading

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Presidential Overload

Tax cuts and bailouts to the wealthy elite are Obama presidential overload.  Bush Sr. “no new taxes” was presidential overload.  Monica was Clinton overload.  911 was Bush Jr. overload.  There is more history, civil war and Lincoln, WWI and Wilson, … Continue reading

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Power Drunkenness

Power drunkenness obstructs progress. 2010 congressional representatives are 21 times more “powerful” than congressional representatives in 1790.  The 1790 congressperson represented 26,666 citizens.  The 2010 congressperson represents 573,831 citizens. Likewise, the Obama presidency is 127 times more powerful than the … Continue reading

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Why Sortition Leadership? First, what is sortitioned leadership? Sortition is where science meets politics.  Sortition is a voluntary citizen draft to federal political office. Sortition is a grass roots finding tool.  It mathematically and scientifically duplicates, in smaller populations, the larger America.  … Continue reading

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