Empower the Corporate Employee

No work without representation.

Wallstreet is the oligarchy capital of the world.  Today’s corporate management structure is a classic  oligarchy-bureaucratic-pyramid-management flowchart.  Hundreds of thousands of American jobs depend on the success of this business model.  Over 890 US firms have greater than 10,000 employees.  ( http://www.census.gov/epcd/www/smallbus.html )

To name a few are wells fargo bank 267300, citi bank 265300, microsoft 93000, exxon 102000, general electric 304000, proctor and gamble 135000, bank of america with 284000 employees, massy energy with 5851, jp morgan 222316, verizon 223000, mcdonalds 385000, ford motors 176,000, at&t 283,000, and wal-mart with 2.1 million associates.

Incessant corporate patronizing and undervaluing of underpowered employees creates a third world in middle  America.  Today’s 200 year old corporate structures (used under slavery) maintains owner/management dominance no matter how many “employees” outnumber management.  This is simply undemocratic.  How many of the above listed 4 million “employees” share corporate control?

Employees must demand management representation on corporate governing boards to protect workers and their contribution to the business.  No tax without representation?  No work without representation.

Fundamentalist corporate structures often cease to empower Americans.  These monoliths too often manipulate and deny the many for the profit of the few.  Fundamentalist corporate structures can patronize “workers”, monopolizes resources, stifle upstart innovation, and all the while, insidiously raise prices. When corporations profit from a certain level of employee input, (ie. 250 employees) employee representation on the governing board is required to protect employee rights in the corporate workplace.

A dangerous inter-alliance of fundamentalist corporate elites proliferates fraud and speculation markets, infiltrates government, and subverts democratic institutions.  Corporate employee representation rights and empowerment will encourage positive refocus of these energies.

  • Empowered employees share automation management decisions, work adjustment plans, and success.
  • Empowered employees protect employee invention rights.
  • Empowered employees do not export their own jobs.
  • Empowered employees demand safe working conditions.

The downsides of elite wealth consolidation, through fundamentalist corporate structures, are mitigated when employees command governing board representation.  Employees must command one half legal corporate charter governing control.

End the unfairness and monopolization.  Empower the corporate employee.  No work without representation.

It’s common sense. When service in a restaurant suffers, more waiters are needed. It’s common sense. When fire breaks out everywhere, more fire fighters are needed.  It’s common sense. When crime becomes rampant, more police are needed. It’s common sense. Building a house requires enough carpenters or waiting a lifetime for results. #c535+1 didn’t build Hoover dam.  #c535+1 didn’t build the interstate highway.  Middle America did. (millions of them)

It’s common sense. When democracy morphs to elected oligarchy and America lacks governance, send help to the few surviving democratic representatives.  More representatives are required.  More presidents are required.

Apportion: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apportion?s=t 
Apportionment: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apportionment?s=t  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apportionment_%28politics%29
Apportion history of failure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_the_first
Apportion Math: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/11/mart-apportionment-math.html
Keep the #c535+1.  Send 6800 more.   #c535+1 is elected autocrat-centered oligarchy.  #c7329 is citizen-centered democracy. The MART citizen-chamber does the right thing.  The MART autocrat-chamber gets it done. Third millennium citizen-democracy is unstoppable.  Resistance or delay is truly tragic. 

Got science?   NASA simulates Mars.  The MART #c7329 team simulates democracy.  Born red/blue?  Don’t die red/blue. http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

Your congress is so bad: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/09/yourcongressissobad.html  
Article the First failed apportionment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_the_first
Iron Law of Oligarchy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_law_of_oligarchy
MART defined: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL
Full Disclosure: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-o
Plan B: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-g
Communication: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-eC 
Transparent Budget Writing and Presentation: http://middleamericareformparty.blogspot.com/2012/02/transparent-budget-writing-and.html
Capitalism: http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dX
Abolish the fed. http://jrclifford.com/Jekyll.html
Start: #c7329 wp.me/s1fQnO-start @_marp @coach1640280
Twitter: @_MARP   http://twitter.com/#!/_MARP @coach1640280  https://twitter.com/coach1640280
Audience: #c7329 #ows #occupy @OccupyTogether 

Citizen is coach to team democracy.   Coach is responsible for success.   It’s your call, coach.  #c7329  democracy shares power.   #c535+1 democracy hoards power.    It’s your call, coach.

Wanted:  7329 dedicated patriotic volunteers to secure America’s future & prosperity by forming a  #c7329 MART citizen-centered democracy team. http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

Wanted:  Presidential candidates (for one of 9 elected MART executive branch presidents) 2016 http://wp.me/p1fQnO-dL

May the #c7329 force be with you.


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#g7780 democracy shares power. 535+1 autocracy is unshared power. Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.
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